Dredd: The Musical Pleads The Case For A Dredd Sequel

Dredd The Musical

While Dredd with Karl Urban didn't do that well at the box office, the vast majority of fans who saw the film loved it and have been pleading for a sequel. Dredd also did extremely well on home video, so the possibility of a Dredd sequel is not out of the question.

In one of the funniest parody videos we have ever seen, the YouTube channel Legolambs, which is the official channel of Jon and Al Kaplan, have put together Dredd: The Musical, which pleads the case for Dredd II. Here are the opening lyrics to Dredd the Musical, sung in the gruff voice of Karl Urban.


I started out as Eomer, and next I played McCoy. But once I put that helmet on, it sparked my greatest joy, a futuristic square-jawed judge by far my favorite role. Everyone loved me, why haven't they sent me back to the blocks to patrol? We need to make Dredd II. It's already been too long. We are wasting the potential of this franchise, and it's wrong. Make Dredd II. It's imperative that we try. Or soon they'll just reboot it and cast some other guy.

Of course, the funniest part might be when Sylvester Stallone shows up and sings, "People thought my Dredd was lame, and maybe that's the case. I wouldn't keep my helmet on. I liked to show my face."