Entertainment Industry Estimated to Lose 120,000 Jobs Because of Coronavirus Pandemic

The entertainment industry is estimated to lose 120,000 jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. IATSE reported those metrics for The Hollywood Reporter. The International Cinematographers Guild and Motion Picture Editors Guild have been feeling the crunch. The entire entertainment industry is scrambling trying to adjust to this new reality for the next couple of months. IATSE international president Matthew D. Loeb is asking Congress to help displaced entertainment workers with a relief package.

"As social distancing measures are enacted and events and projects across all sectors of the entertainment industry are cancelled, it's become clear that the COVID-19 crisis requires decisive action from our Federal Government to support displaced entertainment workers," he wrote. "Right now, thousands of our members across all sectors of the entertainment industry are suffering financial hardship because of government mandated cancellations. Entertainment workers shouldn't be collateral damage in the fight against the COVID-19 virus."

"This is a devastating time for the entire IA family," MPEG national executive director Cathy Repola wrote Wednesday in a message, which also stated that IATSE "has been successful at securing a standardized two weeks of pay from our more responsible employers. The IA intends to address those employers who are not following suit."

The ICG letter features comments by president John Lindley as well. He said, "although some of our members are being paid for up to two weeks after their shows shut down, based upon the reality of the health care crisis we now face, it is highly unlikely that productions will resume after so short a period of time. This problem is likely to continue for months, not weeks, and our concerns about health, benefits and economic stability are shared by the entire membership."

The National Association of Theatre Owners had to cancel CinemaCon as a part of that crunch as well.


"It is with great regret we are announcing the cancellation of CinemaCon 2020," NATO's John Fithian and Mitch Neuhauser said a statement. "Each spring, motion picture exhibitors, distributors, and industry partners from around the world meet in Las Vegas to share information and celebrate the moviegoing experience. This year, due to the travel ban from the European Union, the unique travel difficulties in many other areas of the world and other challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, a significant portion of the worldwide motion picture community is not able to attend CinemaCon."

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