Evangeline Lilly Has Been Fitted For A Wasp Suit

Be warned, spoilers follow for those who have not yet seen Ant-Man.

By the end of Marvel's Ant-Man, we had several origin stories told. Of course, Scott Lang's journey to becoming Ant-Man was fulfilled, planting his seeds firmly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We also learned of Hank Pym's history as the shrinking hero. Then, there's Hope van Dyne, played by Evangeline Lilly. Hope was tied up in the struggle between Darren Cross and the Ant-Men, but never shuttered on whether or not she was one of the good guys.

The only thing left in question about Hope by the end of Ant-Man was whether or not she would become the Wasp, a title her mother once held as seen by a flashback. By the looks of the mid-credits scene, Hope will inevitably put on the Wasp's suit which her father has been secretly innovating.

We have even more reason to believe that suit was, in fact, created with Hope van Dyne in mind, as Lilly took to Facebook to answer fan questions and revealed she was, in fact, fitted and scanned for the Wasp suit!

Kevin Feige recently revealed the original plan was to introduce the Wasp in Civil War but didn't want her to be overlooked, so they chose not to. While Feige is quite a credible source, perhaps Marvel ultimately elected to remove Lilly's Wasp from Civil War in light of Lilly's pregnancy. We'll never know - but we will most likely see Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp in the MCU.

Where does she fit in, though, if not Civil War? An Ant-Man sequel hasn't been announced for the already crowded Phase 3 but Ant-Man himself is set to pop up in Civil War this May. Assuming she'll appear again before phase 4 begins in 2020, that leaves the two part Infinity War films as the most likely candidates, where she would have just as much space (if not less) as she would have in Civil War.

We've also pulled some other fun bits from Lilly's Facebook Q&A, at least the comic related parts, revealing not only that Lilly is as much of a geek as the rest of us, but also a bit about some of the changes her character saw when Edgar Wright and Peyton Reed swapped director-ship.

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Do you want to see the Wasp fly into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? When do you think she'll first appear? Check out our Comic Book Movie Database for a list of upcoming films and let us know.