Even The Avengers Can't Save Labor Day Weekend Box Office

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On Thursday, news broke that Disney would be re-releasing The Avengers in theaters for Labor Day weekend. While the re-release wasn't the extended director's cut that we suggested Disney should release, a blurb on Facebook telling viewers "don't forget to stay through the credits" had everyone speculating that there could be a new Avengers after the credits scene. However, Disney later clarified that they were just talking about the shawarma and it was the exact same version of The Avengers being re-released. With nothing new to offer, it appears as if The Avengers re-release isn't going to save what looks to be lousy Labor Day weekend for the U.S. box office. According to early projections from Deadline, the Labor Day weekend box office looks like it will be down 17% from last year. Deadline is projecting that The Possession will actually win the four day holiday weekend with $17.5 million. Lawless is projected to come in second with $15 million. Surprisingly, The Avengers re-release isn't even projected to place in the top ten in the Labor Day weekend box office. The Dark Knight Rises is projected to come in at number nine with another $7.2 million to add to its climbing total. Of course the projections are just based on Friday estimates, so things could change as the weekend progresses. We wouldn't be surprised if The Avengers picks up a little steam during the weekend, since Friday was still a school day, and families with school-age children will be more likely to attend Saturday through Monday.