Extended Avengers Super Bowl Trailer Reveals Alien Race

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During the Super Bowl, Marvel Studios unveiled a thirty second commercial for The Avengers movie, but the real treat is Marvel posted an extended Super Bowl trailer online. While the actual Super Bowl commercial was a nice warm-up, the extended Avengers trailers delivers big time.  Besides the extensive footage of the Hulk in action, the most interesting thing about the extended Avengers movie trailer is that it provide us with the best look yet at the mysterious alien race that makes up Loki's army. There has been much online speculation about who this alien race would be. Initial speculation revolved around the Skrulls, who are the most well-known alien race to face off against the Avengers in the comic books. However, Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege revealed in an interview with Empire Magazine that the aliens was definitely not Skrulls. While not identifying the aliens, Fiege did reveal that the mysterious aliens existed in the comic books, which ended speculation that they might be a new alien race created just for the movie. By freeze framing the extended trailer, fans are given their best look at the alien race to date, but it's still not for definite exactly who they are. The aliens appear to be bluish-green in color, which has led to some speculation that they could be either Frost Giants or Atlanteans. While I wouldn't ruled out either of those possibilities, I do think the color leans more toward green than blue. The aliens also appear to have an almost insect-like appearance, which makes me wonder if they could be Annihilus and his minions. Annihilus is a highly advanced insectoid. Check out the comparison below and let us know what you think.

Avengers Alien Annihilus