Fan Trailer Friday: Max Is Back In Max Payne: Retribution

When Max Payne was first released in 2001, it quickly made an impression on the industry. It's dark and noirish tone was set against gameplay that was extremely innovative for the time, and ushered in a swarm of Max Payne-alikes for years to come. Players bonded with Max and his gritty world, and the franchise has been able to retain it's solid fanbase despite a poorly received feature film and a divisive third sequel.

Longtime fans of the franchise are in luck, though, as director Leroy Kincaide and the team at Nocturnal Pictures are launching a new fan film that takes place right after the first game called Max Payne: Retribution. Retribution aims to recreate the most popular traits of the games, while also making some subtle changes to keep it more grounded in reality.

They're foregoing some of the more fantastical effects and plot elements to focus on delivering a Max Payne film that has more substance, something fans of the franchise will appreciate. Being a fan of the original games himself, Kincaide wanted to make sure fans of the series got a movie they could recognize, and that harkened back to the best elements of the grizzled former cop.

Max (Joan James Muixi), Mona Sax (Gracie Tyrrell), and Jack Lupino (Leroy Kincaide) are all big parts Retribution, but the film also introduces a new villain named Curtis Draven (Jon Campling). Kinkaide has said that Draven is an extension of Jack Lupino, essentially acting as his right-hand man, and fans of Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive might recognize Campling from his motion capture work as King Regis.

You can view the trailer in the clip above, and if you want to find out more you can head to their Facebook page.


Max Payne: Retribution stars Joan James Muixi (Max Payne), Gracie Tyrrell (Mona Sax), Jon Campling (Curtis Draven), Leroy Kincaide (Jack Lupino), Max Cavenham (Jenson), Holly Woodhouse (Stephanie), Luci Fish (Jenny Watts), and Ruth Petersen (Michelle Payne).