Filming Begins on Former Pixar Director Andrew Stanton's New Sci-Fi Movie

A new movie from Academy Award winner Andrew Stanton is one step closer to becoming a reality. On Thursday, a new report revealed that principal photography has begun on In The Blink of an Eye, a new film that will be helmed by the former Pixar director. Additionally, the report revealed that Jorge Vargas (Snowpiercer), Tanaya Beatty (Yellowstone), and Skywalker Hughes (Joe Pickett) have joined the ensemble cast of In The Blink of an Eye, which already includes Kate McKinnon, Rashida Jones, and Daveed Diggs.

The movie follows three storylines, spanning thousands of years, intersect and reflect on hope, connection and the circle of life. The film is written and executive produced by Colby Day (Spaceman) and produced by Jared Ian Goldman (Ingrid Goes West, Russian Doll).

"From the first read I knew Colby Day's script was special," Stanton said in a statement. "and it has only become more rarified of a project as our team has formed. What a privilege to have such an ideal cast and crew realize this beautiful story."

"Andrew is a visionary artist whose unique gifts as a storyteller shine in this beautiful film," added Searchlight Presidents Matthew Greenfield and David Greenbaum. "We are so proud to be collaborating with him and this extraordinary cast and crew."

Will there be a John Carter sequel?

One of Stanton's most infamous films was 2012's John Carter, the ambitious and ill-fated adaptation of the iconic pulp character. in the years since, Stanton has hinted at what the film's possible sequel, Gods of Mars, could have been like. 

"It was going to be that every movie had a different character saying the prologue," Stanton revealed. "The first one is Willem [Dafoe], as Tars. The second one's prologue narration was going to be Dejah [Collins]. And it was going to give anybody that hadn't seen the first movie a little precursor of the history that got you to this movie. Shorthand, interesting imagery, whether it was artwork or whatever. And then you were going to reveal she was telling it to her baby. And you were going to realize, Oh my God, it's the child. It's Carthoris, this child of Dejah Thoris and Carter [Taylor Kitsch]. And that story she's telling, she's telling the story of the father that this child will never know."

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