Godzilla After The Credits Scene: There’s Not One

Godzilla after the credits

With Godzilla premiering in movie theaters tonight, lots of viewers will likely wait around through the credits in anticipation of an after the credits scene. In superhero movies, post-credits have become a tradition, and many other non-superhero franchise films have started to follow the pattern with their own post-credits scene. Legendary Pictures, who is behind Godzilla, has previously included bonus scenes in some of their films. Pacific Rim, which also featured some giant monsters, had a humorous after the credit's scene involving a baby Kaiju and a lost shoe. However, those viewers who wait around through the credits for a bonus scene during Godzilla will be disappointed. There is not an after the credits scene in Godzilla. It's likely because director Gareth Edwards is against bonus scenes. "There's no…I don't know what they call it…they have stupid terms for these things like button," Edwards told Collider. "I know these terms now. There's no button at the end of this film. I had a little campaign that we weren't going to do that, because it should just be a movie on its own."