Godzilla Now Tracking For Biggest Opening Weekend Of The Year So Far


While early projections had Godzilla opening to around a $70 million weekend at the U.S. box office, the giant monster is now crushing those projections. After bringing in $9.3 million in late night showings on Thursday, Godzilla took in a better-than-expected $38.5 million on Friday at the U.S. box office (including the Thursday late night). With such a monster-sized opening day, Godzilla opening weekend projections have now been scaled upward to the $98 million to $100 million range. If the projections prove to be accurate, then Godzilla will have the biggest opening weekend of the year so far, surpassing Captain America: The Winter Soldier's $95 million opening weekend. Based on Friday's numbers, Godzilla already has the highest opening day of the year so far. Godzilla's $38.5 million opening day topped Captain America: The Winter Soldier's opening day of $36.9 million.