A Goofy Movie: Goofy's Voice Actor Shares Secret of Movie's Enduring Success

Goofy’s voice actor shared what the secret to A Goofy Movie’s long-running popularity has been. Bill Farmer talked to Cinemablend about the beloved Disney film and reflected on a long stint playing the character. This summer has felt like the “Summer of Goofy” in some ways with the film hitting a 25 year anniversary this year. Disney really did it big with a watch party about a month ago and extensive Q+A’s with the cast. So, the film is getting a whole new consideration as a well-beloved staple that ends up being overlooked for Disney Renaissance classics. However, Farmer knows exactly what the film’s secret weapon is.

“Goofy’s always been a fantastically popular character but putting him in the role of a caring father and the relationship between he and Max, it relates to a lot of people,” Farmer explained. “I mean, I certainly thought my dad was Goofy from time to time and I think my son thinks that I’m goofy in more ways than one.”

“And now its been long enough I think fathers are showing their sons this movie and they’re bonding over it,” he continued. “A lot of people tell me ‘Oh, I couldn’t talk to my dad ‘til I saw this movie and now it’s our movie to get together and watch together and it brings families together and that’s kinda’ a cool thing.”

Disney Afternoons have come back in a huge way this year. DuckTales has gone above and beyond to integrate a ton of the classic television lineup’s characters into the fold. Goofy and Max have popped up in an episode that confirmed that A Goofy Movie is basically canon. The Rescue Rangers also got into the act a few weeks back too. Gizmoduck made his triumphant return to the limelight this summer too. Darkwing and his antagonists have been involved with the show already and there are so many more cameos happening all the time. If you’re a kid who used to love watching A Goofy Movie on VHS or hit the couch for some after school cartoons, life is pretty good right now.

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