Grant Morrison on Iron Man 3's Twist and Comic Book Movies


During a new interview with Yahoo! in promotion of Wonder Woman Earth One, famed comics writer Grant Morrison said that he supported the controversial "twist" in Iron Man 3, but noted that fans who only see the movie are robbing themselves of some of the most important aspects of the characters they love. "They're missing the full spectrum of these character's emotional lives," said Morrison of fans who don't read the comic book source material. "The most important thing is the long involved soap operas. It's a type of narrative that you don't get anywhere else except on very long running soap operas, where characters can go into depth. Twenty pages every month going into these characters' lives over decades give you a lot more insight and a lot more involvement than say a two hour movie, even with Robert Downey, Jr." Regarding the Mandarin "twist" and other changes made to the comics to fit film, though, Morrison was less skeptical, saying that it's the natural progression of art and that fans sometimes need to let go of the past.


"In Australia, Aboriginal artists, every generation goes in and repaints the cave paintings. And they all tell the same stories over generations. And that's what we do. The human species tells the same stories over and over again. Stories of heroes and villains. And I think we have to update them for each new generation," said Morrison. "Any fans who cling on to maybe a version of something they read when they were children are really just hanging on to a past. The world's moved on. There's new children. They want their version of it. So I think it's very important to freshen these things up and to update them and to move them forward and to look at them in the context of all the things we're interested in now."