Nashville Tornado: Aerial Shot of Old Tennessee State Prison Where The Green Mile Filmed Revealed

Today is a difficult for everyone in the Middle Tennessee area. Last night, a devastating storm system moved through the area producing severe winds, hail, and a long-lasting tornado. Under the cover of night, much of the damage in Nashville laid hidden until the morning showed everyone the true extent of the emergency. Now, brand-new footage has been revealed of the damage, and one such shot shows a movie landmark in ruins.

Earlier today, the Tennessee Department of Correction posted a short clip on Twitter showing the devastation which the Old Tennessee State Prison took on. The location will be familiar to many as it was used in Stephen King's The Green Mile. But after the city's intense storms, the State Prison is hardly recognizable.

The aerial shot shows the prison took a direct hit from the tornado which appeared in Middle Tennessee just after midnight. The tornado tracked right through the middle of the prison, leaving upturned bricks and a debris field around the area.

As you can see in the aerial shot above, much of the buildings walls are still standing, but there are holes littering the roofs. Closer images taken on the ground at the prison show the sheer amount of debris. There are mountains of bricks wherever you look, and that will make things difficult in terms of clean up.

For those curious about the Old Tennessee State Prison, I can tell you as a Nashville Native that the building has a long history. The prison was opened in 1989 and kept in operation until its closure in 1992. After the prison closed, a slew of TV shows and films used the building for external shots and more. The most famous projects partially filmed on site are The Green Mile and Nashville. Shawshank Redemption was almost filmed on site, but the location ultimately suited The Green Mile better.


With much of Nashville surveying damage after the storm, no word has been made on whether the State Prison will be fixed. There are those worried the area will be demolished completely, but the building's history would be a definitely loss. And if The Green Mile were to ever get a remake, fans can only hope it would pay a visit to this rundown prison for a few good shots.

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