Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Casts Perfect Roster for Future of Franchise

Over the past decade, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy have gone from a relatively niche part of comics lore to a household name, largely thanks to their debut on the big screen. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on the horizon, seemingly bringing a conclusion to the roster of characters fans have fallen in love with, fans are curious to see exactly what the future holds. A new post from Reddit user fma_nobody offers an awesome suggestion, imagining the casting for nine new Marvel heroes that could potentially join the Guardians. The hypothetical cast includes Caleb Landry Jones as Adam Warlock, Diego Luna as Nova, Lakeith Stanfield as Beta Ray Bill, Asia Kate Dillon as Moondragon, Jamie Clayton as Phyla-Vell, Luke Evans as Starfox, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Gladiator, Gillian Anderson as Lilandra, and Alfie Allen as Kl'rt.

Next Guardians cast proposition, I didn't know how else to call them, basically cosmic characters. (Names in comments) from r/marvelstudios

As many Marvel fans have been quick to point out, the casting choices are pretty inspired, marrying actors that have been fancast countless times in the MCU (in the case of Evans, Anderson, and Luna) with some unexpected choices. While there's absolutely no indication when any of these characters will make their way into the MCU - much less who will play them - the idea of this cast playing them would definitely hype up fans.

There's still a lot of speculation surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, especially given how much the MCU has evolved since when the film was first announced. With writer-director James Gunn currently working on The Suicide Squad and a Peacemaker HBO Max series for the DC universe, Guardians 3 is not expected to properly get off the ground until after that.

"I think it’ll be in the next couple of years, but I’ve read Vol. 3 and I think it’s the best of the trilogy," Karen Gillan, who plays Nebula in the franchise, previously said of the film's script. "I know that we’re all really excited to have James Gunn back as our fearless leader. So we’re all just really looking forward to getting back together."


But with the current Guardians roster expected to factor into Thor: Love and Thunder in some capacity, that will hopefully tide fans over in the meantime.

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