AMC Airing Halloween Marathon On Star Wars Day

While most of pop culture is focusing on the galaxy far, far away, AMC is celebrating the Midwest's most iconic murderer by airing multiple Halloween movies over the course of the day, while leading up to the network debut of the Shudder original series Creepshow. In addition to serving as some frightening counter-programming to the sci-fi franchise, the event also reminds us that we've crossed the threshold of it being halfway to Halloween itself, which will hopefully coincide with the release of the first sequel to 2018's Halloween, as Halloween Kills is set to land in theaters on October 16th. Check AMC's official site for local listings.

The broadcast schedule is as follows:

11 a.m. ET – Halloween II (2009)
1:30 p.m. ET – Halloween (2007)
4 p.m. ET – Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
6 p.m. ET – Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
8 p.m. ET – Halloween (1978)
10 p.m. ET – Creepshow - Episode 1
11:04 p.m. ET – Creepshow Episode 1
12:08 a.m. ET – Halloween (1978)
2:08 a.m. ET – Halloween (2007)
4:38 a.m. ET – Creepshow - Episode 1

In the more than 40 years since its debut, the Halloween franchise has had its ups and downs, with a lot riding on the 2018 film to revive the classic slasher series. To ensure its success, the film enlisted original star Jamie Lee Curtis and original director and co-writer John Carpenter to oversee the project, which served as a direct sequel to the original film.

While that film managed to inject fear back into the franchise, the upcoming sequel is even more intense than its predecessor.

"I really can't say anything about it, but I am really excited about it," co-writer Scott Teems shared with Movie Web. "I saw a rough cut of it a few weeks ago, and I'm a little biased, but my gut says that people that like the last one will be very excited about this one. It's like the first one on steroids, I guess. It really is the bigger, badder, meaner version of the first one."

In the original 1978 film, Michael Myers returned to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois 15 years after murdering his sister on Halloween night, terrorizing the town's teens. The 2018 sequel saw Myers escape imprisonment 40 years later and return to his hometown to continue his carnage, with the film's conclusion hinting at his demise.


Halloween Kills lands in theaters on October 16th and Halloween Ends lands in theaters on October 15, 2021.

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