Halloween Star Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals Which Scene She Considers One of the "Most Moving Moments" of Her Career

Jamie Lee Curtis debuted as Laurie Strode back in 1978's Halloween and, while she reprised the [...]

Jamie Lee Curtis debuted as Laurie Strode back in 1978's Halloween and, while she reprised the role multiple times over the decades, the support shown by the cast and crew while filming 2018's Halloween final scene was one of the most moving experiences she's had on any project. Curtis pointed out that the rest of the cast and crew all sported nametags reading "We are Laurie Strode" to pay tribute to the universal struggles that the character has faced over the years, made all the more powerful with the 2018 film given its depictions of psychological struggles her character had to overcome in hopes of survival.

"The entire crew lined up when I was going to shoot my part in the truck," Curtis shared on Twitter. "They all wore nametags that said 'we are Laurie Strode.' They stood in silent solidarity with me and it was one of the most moving moments of my entire creative life."

Andi Matichak, who played Laurie's granddaughter in the film, shared the tweet and added a picture of the nametag.

While these details about the efforts made by the crew have been revealed previously, Curtis made sure to emphasize the impact it left on her. With Strode being her first major leading role, some would consider it her defining character, with this new interpretation of Laurie being much more complex than her previously portrayals over the years.

Part of what made the film such a success is that it ignored the events of all other sequels, most of which painted Laurie as merely a figure continually on the run from the past catching up with her. The 2018 film, however, saw the embrace of much more relevant themes.

"I know it's the thing that people say about women who fight back, is that we kick butt — you know, if you look at the first movie, Laurie wasn't anything like those women," Curtis told Variety back in 2018. "Laurie was a repressed, intellectual high school student with sort of romantic delusions. And she was forced, by circumstances way behind her control, to face her deepest fear, which is surviving a madman with a knife."

She added, "And then the woman you meet 40 years later is a woman who survived that trauma, for 40 years, trying to convince everybody in her populace that [Michael Myers] was coming back. She only kicks butt when again she is forced to, by the confrontation with Michael Myers."

Curtis is set to return for the sequels Halloween Kills, which lands in theaters on October 16th and Halloween Ends, which lands in theaters on October 15, 2021.

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