Harrison Ford Rumored To Have Signed Multi-Picture Star Wars Deal

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With Lucasfilm announcing this past week that J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan were taking over the script writing for Star Wars Episode VII, there has been a flurry of speculation over what this means for the original casts involvement in the storyline. Some are speculating that it means Abrams and Kasdan are working on a new script without the original cast, and others are speculating the exact opposite that Abrams and Kasdan are actually expanding the role of the original cast in the script. If a new report on Jedi News is to be believed, then the speculation of an expanded role for the original cast could be right. According to one of Jedi News' sources, Harrison Ford has not only signed on for Star Wars Episode VII, but he has also signed a multi-picture deal with Disney. Ford reportedly had a verbal agreement before the Disney acquisition, but there were several issues that had to be worked through. Ford reportedly wanted to see his character develop over more than just Episode VII, which seems to contradict early rumors that Solo would likely be killed off in Episode VII. Ford also reportedly wanted a commitment to Indiana Jones 5, which makes sense considering his recent comments about wanting to do another Indiana Jones movie on a British talk show. Apparently, this part of the agreement isn't final, but all parties agreed a plot line would be developed by the end of 2014. Is this latest rumor true? While last week's announcement by Lucasfilm would seem to point to things still being a little bit in disarray on the Star Wars front, we're still hearing rumors of a Star Wars Episode VII announcement on October 30, so it could very well be that a deal has been signed. Of course, Harrison Ford has refused to comment in the last several months when he has been asked the question numerous times by the press, and Lucasfilm has made no official announcement as of yet..