Doug Jones Addresses If He Would Return For Hellboy 3

Doug Jones is not ruling out a return to the world of Hellboy where he played Abe Sapien. After all, would he not be a little crazy to say such a comeback is impossible? After all, this year has seen Michael Keaton take back his Batman role, Jared Leto return to the Joker, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are supposedly playing Spider-Man again, and Borat literally has a new movie out this weekend. A third Hellboy movie with Ron Perlman from Guillermo del Toro does not seem as impossible as it once did when we thought David Harbour's reboot of the franchise was the end of its road.

Jones, who has quietly played many iconic characters through his career including Silver Surfer, was recently asked about returning to the role of Abe Sapien and he seems to believe it is possible.

"That's a great question. I think we all felt that that ship had sailed with the reboot," Jones told's Jamie Lovett in an exclusive interview. "But then you're right, with the reboot not being as they'd hoped. Does that mean you circle back around and try to pick up the story and continue with a Hellboy 3 from our storyline? I don't know. That's way above my pay grade to even guess at those answers. But let me say this. If they were to do such a thing, and I was offered that, and I was free to do so, hell yes. I would be involved."

Perlman has also dropped some knowledge on about a potential third Hellboy film, while talking to adam Barnhardt. "There's always a little ember, that lives deep within me, that says maybe one day Guillermo will wake up and go, 'You know what? F-ck, we need to finish this trilogy,'" Perlman said. "But, that's where we were, one film away from finishing," he adds. "But then, every time I see how busy he is and what he's engaging himself in, it doesn't seem like it's realistic. It doesn't seem like it's ever going to happen, but that doesn't prevent me from living in hope."

Perlman has not watched the Hellboy reboot, so maybe he and Jones and all the others who are holding out hope to see him return to the part won't see their dreams shattered, after all.

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