Henry Cavill Speaks Out on Sherlock Holmes Movie After Enola Holmes 2

Netflix recently released the second film in their Enola Holmes franchise with Enola Holmes 2, and it definitely sets up some interesting things for the franchise. Those things might be worrisome for Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) fans as it could potentially mean that Henry Cavill could get his own solo film. But it seems as if we won't have to worry about that with the actor shutting down the idea of a solo Sherlock Holmes film. During the post-credits scene for Enola Holmes 2, Sherlock finally meets Watson and this makes everyone think he will no longer need Enola. While speaking with The Wrap, Cavill calmed down those worries.

"This universe is very much Enola's, so she'll always be involved," Cavill told the trade. "I think it's important to make that connection between the two characters."

Why Did Henry Cavill Return for Enola Holmes 2?

Netflix's Enola Holmes 2 will see the Stranger Things star reprise her role as the titular Enola, with Cavill returning to play her older brother, renowned sleuth Sherlock Holmes. The Man of Steel star is no stranger to film and TV franchises, but it seems that Cavill was definitely excited to come back to make another Enola Holmes movie with Brown.

"It's important to get things right," Cavill told Total Film in the magazine's most recent issue. "It's important to make sure the tone of things is not lost in the potential excitement of franchises and universes."

"Sherlock enjoys it enormously, much as it frustrates him and he's scuppered by trying to work out who on Earth it is," Cavill continued, talking about his character's role in solving the mysteries of the Enola Holmes films. "I think part of him enjoys actually being genuinely challenged. It isn't boring. He's on the back foot, and against the ropes."

What is the Enola Holmes Sequel About?

Here's Netflix's official synopsis for Enola Holmes 2:

"Fresh off the triumph of solving her first case, Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) follows in the footsteps of her famous brother, Sherlock (Henry Cavill), and opens her own agency – only to find that life as a female detective-for-hire isn't as easy as it seems. Resigned to accepting the cold realities of adulthood, she is about to close shop when a penniless matchstick girl offers Enola her first official job: to find her missing sister. But this case proves to be far more puzzling than expected, as Enola is thrown into a dangerous new world – from London's sinister factories and colorful music halls, to the highest echelons of society and 221B Baker Street itself. As the sparks of a deadly conspiracy ignite, Enola must call upon the help of friends – and Sherlock himself – to unravel her mystery. The game, it seems, has found its feet again!"

Both Enola Holmes films are exclusively streaming on Netflix.

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