Here Are the Characters The Internet Wants To Become Disney Princesses With Fox Deal

Remember back when Disney bought Lucasfilm and everybody -- either seriously or not-so-seriously -- started making noises about how Leia Organa had just become a Disney Princess? Well, the news that Disney has officially begun its acquisition of 20th Century Fox has created that same frenzy -- by an exponential factor.

That's right: all over social media, fans, comedians, and trolls are suggesting new additions to the prestigious Disney Princess brand -- and while we doubt many of them will get traction with management at the House of Mouse, we have to admit some of the connections are pretty clever.

Starting with the obvious -- because they already have a royal family of sorts in place -- Jonny Ethco speculated, "If Disney buys FOX and gets the rights to Aliens does that mean The Alien Queen is still the Queen and all the other Xenomorphs are now Disney Princesses?"

Ben Lesnick, meanwhile, tried to use math to bamboozle Disney into christening the women of Wing Commander.

"FOX distributed the Wing Commander movie, so citing the transitive property I officially submit claim for the following Disney princesses," he tweeted.

That would elevate his royal standing significantly, since Lesnick is one of the most visible Wing Commander fans on the internet.

Someone going by the name "Balance Druid Enthusiast‏" embraced the "go big or go home" ethos, naming not only the Xenomorph queen but Leela from Futurama, Marge from The Simpsons, and Anastasia from the 1997 Don Bluth film -- who, honestly, if you just started referring to her as a Disney Princess it is likely very few fans would notice or object.

Wavern Studios did the same, offering re-runs of Anastasia and the Xenomorphs but adding in Neytiri from Avatar and Kim Boggs from Edward Scissorhands.

The folks over at Whedonesque addressed the question of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a creative way, tweeting that "Many people are saying that Buffy is now a Disney princess due to the recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney," but rejecting the notion, adding that "Disney princesses are now Slayers."

Now that is what we call a title upgrade.


The Disney/Fox merger is still pending federal approval and will likely take over a year to be finalized -- plenty more time to come up with clever riffs on the merging of the film universes.

We're rooting for "The Punisher Meets 2 Guns."