Host Filmmakers' Next Project Described as "The Conjuring Behind Bars"

As horror fans around the world are desperate for new adventures, filmmakers Rob Savage and Jed Shepherd delivered the Zoom-inspired experience Host on Shudder, which took the genre world by storm, resulting in the pair being tapped to develop a new film described as "The Conjuring behind bars," per Deadline. Savage will serve as director on the new project while Shepherd will produce, with the script being written by The Wind scribe Teresa Sutherland. While the scope of the new film will surely be larger than what we witnessed in Host, the film's description sounds as though it will keep an air of containment to it.

Savage detailed that the new film was a "melding of the prison escape movie and the haunted house movie, in which a group of women who stage an unsuccessful breakout attempt discover a secret room that unleashes a dark presence that marauds the halls at night. The film will have a claustrophobic quality akin to The Descent.

One major difference between the new film and The Conjuring is that the series focusing on demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren succeeds due to Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga's charming and wholesome performances, while the upcoming project will feature more questionable characters.

“None of the characters are conventional good guys,” Savage pointed out. “So, there are opportunities for interesting casting choices with actors playing against type.”

This isn't the only project the filmmakers are working on, as it was already announced that he was developing a film with The Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi, with Savage having shared earlier this month what fans could expect from another of his projects.

"I don't want to be the Zoom guy," Savage shared with about a new film moving to a different filmmaking format. "I love found footage and I'm really excited to work in the found-footage genre more. This has really got me fired up about doing more in that space. I think if we were to do another Zoom film and do it straight, just playing in the same sandboxes as Host, it's gonna be a case of diminishing returns. So I think the idea that we've got as a follow-up, which is a follow-up, I wouldn't call it a direct sequel, but it's a spiritual sequel. And I think nobody's gonna see it coming. I think it's gonna step up from what Host did, and I think it's gonna surprise a lot of people."


Stay tuned for details on the new project.

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