Hugh Jackman Gives Rave Review To The Adam Project, Calls Ryan Reynolds Brilliant

Hugh Jackman gave The Adam Project a very nice review. Of course, he called Ryan Reynolds brilliant. The famous friendship has been all over the press tour for the Netflix film, but Jackman didn't just want to sing the praises of his friend. There are other noteworthy performances in The Adam Project. Anyone up for a 13 Going on 30 reunion? Well you've got that with Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner in this movie. Time travel shenanigans ensue with Reynold's Adam Reed and a lively cast of characters makes the entire journey sing from beginning to end. Catherine Keener is absolutely crackling as the film's big villain. Zoe Saldana is her usually cool self as Reynolds' wife in this movie. Also, keep an eye out for Walker Scobell after his turn in playing a younger version of the Deadpool star's character in this one too. Check out what Jackman had to say down below.

"I recommend #TheAdamProject It's a home run and will give you all the feels," he wrote. "Watch with your entire family and invite your neighbors too. @VancityReynolds @ShawnLevyDirect @MarkRuffalo @zoesaldana #JenniferGarner @walkerscobell3 #CatherineKeener @netflix @MaximumEffort"

Netflix's latest film wears its influences on its sleeve. The Adam Project cites things like The Goonies and E.T.. Those movie catered to entire family audiences instead of just the younger set, and Reynolds told The Hollywood Reporter that he's very happy that the company decided to go that route.

"I loved that Netflix positioned The Adam Project like that. They love the movie the way we love the movie," Reynolds shared. "It's been such a labor of love for myself and Shawn Levy from the jump. I'm grateful that Netflix has a commitment to making movies like this, original stories based on nothing more than an idea, and we get to bring them to life. Especially films with this tone that – and I say this in a good way – is a little bit old-fashioned with an '80s wish-fulfillment, meaning something amazing or even supernatural happens to a kid but he's home by dinner, and his parents have no clue. It's a type of old-school, warm and nostalgic filmmaking that I love."'s Jamie Jirak called The Adam Project, "A pleasant experience that is catered to the whole family. There are some lively action scenes, a few laughs, and a handful of heartfelt moments that will make for a nice revisit on Father's Day. The Adam Project is an inoffensive, amiable, good time with a noteworthy, breakout performance." 

The Adam Project warps onto Netflix March 11th.

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