Human Element Will Likely be Kept in Transformers Movies

(Photo: Paramount)

There are a lot of new Transformers movies on the way, with a writers room a few months ago coming up with at least four more movies in the franchise. Those may be direct continuations of the story from the first series of films, but some may spin-off a bit as well. Akiva Goldsman was a leader in the room, seeking to find new ways to explore the Robots in Disguise, and has recently talked a bit about what came out of it to IGN.

"The room was honestly as delightful an experience as I've had," Goldsman said of working with Robert Kirkman, Jeff Pinker, Steven DeKnight and more. "When you have a bunch of people who you respect, who are smart and talented, all trying to help each other figure stuff out, it's good whether you're all in a car heading across country for a road trip, or a writer's room."

The hope for the movies is to make them both "interconnected and of course standalone." He compared the structure they're hoping for to TV, comic books, and novels, in that it will be "serialized storytelling" but "has integrity from start to finish of the episode."

Don't expect the movies to stray too far from the formula of the first four films, though, as Goldsman thinks the Transformers films need a human element - so a film set entirely on Cybertron or something like it probably isn't coming anytime soon.


"Fundamentally, there seems to be something really great about the interaction between the two species, [humans and Transformers]," he said. "I think that, in the main, I would suggest that would be something you wouldn't want to squander." He does give some hope to fans who would like to see more direct robot vs robot interaction, saying, "That doesn't mean that you couldn't do all sorts of things for a little while." The prequel animated film that's in continuity with these movies will do just that, in fact. "It takes place before Optimus and Megatron ever come to Earth."