Lucasfilm Celebrates 40 Years of Indiana Jones With Limited Edition ACME Archives Prints

Lucasfilm's most iconic film, Star Wars: A New Hope, celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017, with another of its monumental achievements, Raiders of the Lost Ark, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, with the studio honoring the occasion with a trio of gorgeous posters honoring the first three films in the Indiana Jones franchise. The limited-edition fine art lithographs come in an edition of 495 and are currently available, expected to ship out this week. Fans can purchase the posters individually or as a set, with a discount available for those who order all three. You can head to ACME Archives to purchase your copies of the artwork from Devin Schoeffler.

"Indiana Jones is the epitome of adventure cinema," Schoeffler shared with Lucasfilm. "There's just a magical quality to these movies that attracts so many artists and inspires us. I am very excited and grateful to be contributing to these monumental classics and I hope the pieces I've created capture that same magical sense of adventure."

Schoeffler also noted how the design for each poster was directly inspired by the personal experiences he felt while watching each entry into the series.

indiana jones raiders of the lost ark poster
(Photo: Lucasfilm/ACME Archives)
indiana jones temple of doom poster
(Photo: Lucasfilm/ACME Archives)
indiana jones last crusade poster
(Photo: Lucasfilm/ACME Archives)

"I usually start by creating a loose sketch for each piece while re-watching each film, from there I'm able to pin down a basic composition," the artist pointed out. "After that, I combine photos and stills from the movies using photo-editing software. This allows me to easily move and position objects and even play around with some visual styling techniques and colors before I focus on a specific direction. After that, I pull the image onto my tablet and start actually illustrating the piece."

Tackling such an iconic franchise comes with some pressure over how to pay tribute to such memorable content, with Schoeffler admitting that the third film presented the most difficulty.


"The Last Crusade was probably the most difficult to do," Schoeffler confirmed. "I struggled trying to pin down an iconic object from the film that could serve as the base for the piece. Originally, I was focused on using an image of the holy grail but it just wasn't coming out as dynamic as I wanted. This is why re-watching the films is so helpful, after seeing the knight's crest pop up in multiple scenes, I knew it would give me a strong symbol to tie back to the movie."

You can head to ACME Archives to purchase your copies of the artwork from Devin Schoeffler.