Iron Man 3: A Really Crazy Mandarin Conspiracy Theory

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If you haven't seen Iron Man 3, then be warned that spoilers follow. In Iron Man 3, there is a rather interesting and somewhat controversial twist. The Mandarin has long been one of Iron Man's most formidable foes in the comic book series. With the casting of Ben Kingsley in the Mandarin role in Iron Man 3, it was also looking like the Mandarin would become a pivotal and ongoing villain in the Iron Man movie franchise as well. However, the big Iron Man 3 twist was that Ben Kingsley was not the Mandarin at all, but rather he was an actor named Trevor Slattery hired to play the Mandarin. Guy Pearce's character Aldrich Killian was actually the real Mandarin. Surprisingly, Guy Pearce's character was also killed off in the movie, which means there is no hope for the Mandarin popping up in Avengers 2 or future Iron Man movies. Or is there? There is a rather crazy Mandarin conspiracy theory that has been circulating, which suggests that the twist might have had a twist. What if Aldrich Killian wasn't really the Mandarin? What if Ben Kingsley was the real Mandarin after all? What if part of the real Mandarin's plan was to make the world think that Aldrich Killian was the Mandarin? While this might sound off the wall, think about what one of the most popular trends has been for villains in comic book movies. The villains in comic book movies like The Dark Knight and The Avengers purposefully allowed themselves to get caught as part of their dastardly plan. Maybe, Ben Kingsley was playing the real Mandarin, who pretended to be an actor names Trevor Slattery so that he could get arrested. Then, Aldrich Killian, who was actually the puppet of the real Mandarin, took the fall for being the Mandarin. Even though Killian apparently died at the end of Iron Man 3, Ben Kingsley's character was still very much alive. Wouldn't it be the twist of all twists if Trevor Slattery turned out to be the real Mandarin, who infiltrated prison as part of putting together a Masters Of Evil? Wouldn't that make for a rather interesting twist and group of villains for Avengers 2? While we doubt there is any chance of this particular conspiracy theory actually being true, it's actually no more bizarre than what actually happened in Iron Man 3. By doing something so off-the-wall and unexpected with a canonical character in Iron Man 3, there really is no telling what Marvel Studios might decide to do next.