Iron Man 3: Mid Credits Scene Could Be In Limbo Because Of Downey Jr. Contract

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With Iron Man 3 having already premiered early internationally, most of the major plot spoilers have already made their way online, including the after the credits scene. Be warned that we will be discussing spoilers for those of you that have somehow managed to actually use the Internet and avoid the massive spoilers that have already flooded every social media site and message board on the planet. In the past, Marvel Studios has often used mid credits or after the credits scenes to tease one of their upcoming releases.However, according to reports from international screenings, the Iron Man 3 after the credits scene is more of a comedy bit like the shawarma scene in The Avengers. The after the credits scene does nothing to set up any future Marvel Studios films. It's a very unusual decision for Marvel Studios, considering fans have come to expect to get a tease for future movies during the credits. Early rumors had Iron Man 3 including some type of tease for either Ant-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy. even heard early feedback that Iron Man would somehow tie into Guardians Of The Galaxy if Disney could get Robert Downey Jr. under a new contract. There were even reports by some sites claiming to have sources telling them that the Iron Man 3 after the credits scene actually showed Iron Man going up into space to join the Guardians of the Galaxy. Some sites also reported sources telling them that there would be a mid credits and after the credits scene just like in The Avengers. However, there has only been one after the credits scene during international showings. So what happened? While some are speculating that there might still be a mid credits scene added for the United States release, it could also be that the mid credits scene was filmed and pulled because of Robert Downey Jr.'s ongoing contract negotiations. Supposing all the rumors were true about there being a Guardians of the Galaxy tie-in during the Iron Man 3 credits, it would make sense that Marvel Studios would pull such a scene since they don't yet know if they will be able to resign Robert Downey Jr. for future movies.