No Time to Die's Lashana Lynch Addresses Her 007 Future in the James Bond Franchise

Audiences said goodbye to Daniel Craig's James Bond just a year ago in No Time to Die, but they also met Lashana Lynch's Nomi, who took over the 007 codename from the retired Bond, with the actor revealing that she doesn't know what the future holds for her time in the series. When most performers join major franchises, their deals often include appearances in multiple sequels, but Lynch confirmed that she only signed on for the one film, meaning she might not be obligated to return or even interested in a follow-up appearance to further explore her character. 

"I signed up for one film and I don't know if they entirely know where it's gonna go. I genuinely don't know anything, but it's exciting to wonder!" Lynch revealed to Empire Magazine

At this point, there's a lot unknown about the future of the James Bond franchise, at least among fans. There's currently no new James Bond actor announced, nor is there a filmmaker confirmed for a new film. In this respect, fans are left to wonder whether the powers that be will first decide on a filmmaker for a new installment and accept their input into the best Bond and also the direction the story will take or if the actor will be selected first and that will dictate the adventure's trajectory.

Despite her future in the franchise being undecided, Lynch previously explained just how much effort went into developing her character's history.

"I had written a whole backstory, I think I even wrote some letters to myself or some journals in the thoughts of Nomi, to get the backstory and ensure that there was enough there that I could springboard off of when we were doing alternate lines or when something wasn't sitting right with me," Lynch shared with "I would ask [writer] Phoebe [Waller-Bridge] if we could maybe, I don't know, feel this out differently or ask Cary [Fukunaga] if we could just get her to enter the room in a different way. It all made a massive difference in the end."

She added, "I think that her core, her roots, was obviously from me because she came from me. But the producers, I think, were so hot on her having agency, for her being light. Hopefully I had enough comedic timing for her to be easy and free-flowing. I think, weirdly, everyone was on the same page. So it didn't even feel like a slog to get her right for me, it felt like I'd done my research. I'd done my work and everyone else just happened to know that without me even speaking it."

Stay tuned for details on the future of the James Bond series.

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