'Logan' Director James Mangold Oversaw Reshoots and Post-Production of 'The Greatest Showman'

It looks like Hugh Jackman and James Mangold had a Logan reunion much sooner than either one of them expected!

Jackman's latest film, The Greatest Showman, was directed by Michael Gracey, but a new report from Variety indicated that the rookie filmmaker got some help from James Mangold.

A source close to the film revealed that 20th Century Fox had become concerned that Gracey was getting overwhelmed with the $84 million production. The film is Gracey's first feature-length project as director. He reportedly struggled with the pressure that came with such a big project.

In order to make sure things went smoothly, Mangold was brought in last fall, during what's being referred to as a "critical time" in the film's production. The veteran filmmaker didn't replace Gracey by any means, the source said.

Mangold oversaw reshoots, helped edit the movie and became somewhat of an advisor to Gracey over the final stretch of the process. For his work, Mangold was given an executive producer credit and a seven-figure salary.


It's pretty easy to see why Fox asked Mangold to come on and assist with this project. The director has dealt with musicals before, like Walk the Line, and he's worked with Jackman on multiple occasions. The duo teamed-up for Kate & Leopold, The Wolverine and Logan.

According to Variety's report, test audiences responded better to the movie after reshoots were added.