Jared Leto Confirms He's Playing Andy Warhol in Future Film

Morbius star Jared Leto has confirmed that his next film role as pop art icon Andy Warhol in an upcoming film. Leto took to Instagram on Friday with the news, sharing a series of photos of Warhol and wishing the late artist a happy belated birthday while also expressing his gratitude and excitement about the opportunity to play Warhol.

"Yes, it's true I will be playing Andy Warhol in an upcoming film," Leto wrote. "And so grateful and excited about the opportunity. Happy belated birthday Andy. We miss you and your genius."

A prominent figure in the 1960s counterculture movement and well known for not only his efforts to popularize pop art but works such as the Campbell's Soup Cans and the Marilyn Diptych, Warhol would have turned 92 on August 6th. As for the film project, Leto didn't offer any details, though it was reported all the way back in 2016 that he was attached to a Warhol biopic set to be written by The Wolf of Wall Street scribe Terence Winter.

As for when fans will next see Leto on the big screen, the actor stars as Michael Morbius in the Sony Marvel Universe film, Mobius. That film was originally set to open in July, but as has been the case with a number of films, Morbius’ release date has been postponed to March 19, 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Wait until you see the way he looks, what we have done with this character, you will love it,” producer Avi Arad said in a previous interview. “There are so many other great characters on the way, too. You will see. We’re just getting started.”

"This is the great thing for us now, that an actor like [Leto], and an actor like [Venom star] Tom [Hardy] wanted to have their own character. But the character they love," he added in a separate interview. "Both of them, very hard to get them to do a movie. You actually cannot get them. We went in, we sat with them, and everybody told us, 'Oh, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba.' Nothing. That’s what he wanted to do. We went to this place with them, and he just…good actors want to be different than what they are."


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Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images.