Kevin Smith Releases First 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot' BTS Video

Production on Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is in full swing and now the filmmaker is giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at how the long-awaited film is coming together in a new video.

In the short, "Road To Reboot: Chapter 1", smith takes fans along for the tech scout for the film, letting viewers get a glimpse of not just some of the work that goes into making a film, but some of the locations they will get to see when Jay and Silent Bob Reboot hits theaters.

"So this is the scout, the tech scout. It's where all the department heads gather, get on buses and whatnot and go to every location that we're going to be shooting at over the course of the show. When I was a kid, I hated the tech scout. Oh my god, talk to Mosier, he'll tell you like, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back I didn't even want to go on the tech scout. I was like, 'I've seen all these places and all they do is talk about the technical stuff. It's boring. But I'm different now."

Part of that difference, Smith goes on to explain, is that not only did his near-fatal heart attack change his perspective on even the least-appealing aspects of filmmaking, but he's grown up as a filmmaker as well.

While we don't know a lot of details about Jay and Silent Bob Reboot just yet, what we do know seems to indicate that the idea of growing up will have at least some place in the film. In a post to Twitter on Tuesday in which Smith revealed that they were able to shoot nearly 10-perecent of the film's script on day one, he also noted that Jason Mewes (Jay) and Jason Lee (Brodie Bruce) have been talking pop culture in dialogue in two separate centuries now.

As Smith notes in his post, Lee made his debut in Smith's View Askewniverse universe in 1995's Mallrats as Brodie. In that film, Brodie is an unemployed, comic book-obsessed guy living with his parents who is dumped by his girlfriend, Rene (played by Shannen Doherty) at the start of the film. By the end of the film, Brodie and Rene are back together with the film mentioning that he goes on to host The Tonight Show. In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, it's revealed that Brodie owns his own comic book store, Brodie's Secret Stash.

It's that store that the photo Smith shared with his tweet features and while we know that the store features in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, it's unclear quite how that will work in the film. In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, it functioned as a location where many of Smith's fan-favorite characters returned for minor cameos, including Lee making an appearance as his other View Askewniverse character, Banky from Chasing Amy. Fans can only hope that the store will see similar cameos in Reboot.


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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is expected sometime this fall.