Jay & Silent Bob Speculate On Who Marvel And DC Heroes Would Vote For In New Video

With Election Day coming up in the United States, the conversation across social media is all about who should be in the White House for the next four years as President. While we can't ask some of our favorite super heroes who they would vote for because they're fictional characters, other fictional characters are weighing in on such a debate. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes suited up as their iconic Jay and Silent Bob personas for a video which sees them discuss which candidate heroes would vote for between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

"We're not famous, okay? We are fictional. We know how fake people think, so if you wanna know who your favorite fictional characters would pick for President, just ask for me and Silent Bob," Jay explains in the video posted to Kevin Smith's Twitter account. Silent Bob plays along, sharing his opinion in the best of his animated face and hand signals.

Check out the video of Jay and Silent Bob debating who super heroes would vote for as United States President below!

"Like, Batman? Who do you think Batman would vote for?" Jay starts with. "Yes, he's a billionaire, an actual billionaire, so we think he would like those tax cuts. But, we know he doesn't like Jokers!" The Justice Leaguers might just be a clean sweep. "Who do you think Wonder Woman would vote for?" Jay asks. "Oh, yeah! Whoever doesn't want to control her uterus!"

So, the DC gang seems to lean towards Biden according to Jay and Silent Bob. What about the Avengers? "Oh, if Falcon from the Avengers could vote, I bet he'd be on your left," Jay said, referencing the character's famous line from Avengers: Endgame. "Miles Morales, Peter Parker, probably live in those swing states."


They quickly ruled some Wizards out of being eligible. "Harry Potter? Harry Potter can't vote for President, he's from England," Jay pointed out and Bob gestured waving a wand around. "Plus, he's a kid, kids can't vote!"

In the end, their message was clear: "On November 3, don't be silent, Bob! Vote!"