Jessica Chastain Teases Potential Sequel to Surprising Movie

Jessica Chastain is hopeful for a sequel to 2014's A Most Violent Year.

Jessica Chastain wants a sequel to A Most Violent Year. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Chastain said that a follow up to the 2014 thriller is a project is something she's actively waiting to get a script for. It's also a project she's been talking about since at least 2019, when she tweeted about a potential sequel at that time as well.

"Here's the reality, and we'll see if this ever happens, because this is a script I'm waiting to get written. Waiting on," Chastain said. "It's a story about capitalism using this family. [it's] the American story. J.C. [Chandor, director] has a really good… when I first met with him, he pitched me this whole idea, and I think it's amazing, so I'm waiting. I'm just waiting to get a script."

What is A Most Violent Year About?

Released in 2014, A Most Violent Year followed the story of a trucking company owner, Abel (played by Oscar Isaac) who, along with his wife Anna (Chastain) have to try to protect both their family and business amid the violence and corruption in 1981 New York City.

"You know she's ruling the roost," Chastain said of Anna. "You know she grew up in a not great situation, she's got the gun in her purse, she's ready, she shoots the deer, like, no problem. She's ready to be let out of her cage."

Jessica Chastain is Also Interested in a Sequel to The Help

Chastain also said that she'd like to revisit The Help. The actor said that of all the various characters she has played, one that she thinks about "all the time" and wishes she could play again is her The Help character, Celia Foote. Chastain even has an idea for what a sequel for The Help might look like, centering around her character and Octavia Spencer's Minny and what might have happened for the two women after the story presented on screen.

"You know who I think about all the time, and I just wish I could play her [again]? Celia Foote," Chastain said. "I just want to do something, Celia and Minny, and see what happened. You know they ended up living together and raising the baby together, they were best friends. How amazing would that film be? I loved her, and I got to be a bit silly."

"A lot of my characters I feel like I got to experience a lot," Chastain continued. "Celia, it was such a deep dive for me. I really threw out that character and I didn't really get to mine that much material, because I was a supporting part of that story. That's a character I wish I could revisit."

Chastain Previously Confirmed She's Not Attached to Netflix's Evelyn Hugo Movie

While Chastain would like revisit her The Help character as well as A Most Violent Year, there's another project, a literary adaptation, that the actor previously confirmed that she is not attached to, despite being a popular fancast for a major character in the story. That adaptation would be Netflix's upcoming The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo film.

"I've been asked multiple times by fans, to sign books that I'm not attached to contractually," Chastain explained on Twitter earlier this year. "Because it feels wrong, and like I'm taking credit for someone else's work, I'll say I can't sign because I'm not doing it. That doesn't mean I've read a bad script. I know how excited many you are about adaptations. Please don't read too much into a video. There is no news about anything. Except that I'm onstage until June 10th. Hope to see you #ADollsHouse"