JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time Releases Wide on May 20, Here's a Clip


Back in January, fans got short notice that Target stores would have exclusive access to a DC Comics animated feature by Green Lantern: The Animated Series's Giancarlo Volpe. "I kept pretty tight lipped about it all this time until I got WB's blessings to tweet about it," Volpe told ComicBook.com at the time. "But I did have fun teasing people that something was coming out, even when I wasn't supposed to talk about it yet. I guess that's just the filmmaker in me – always trying to keep people guessing and wondering what's going to happen next." The movie, JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time, tied into some exclusive toy releases Target had and starred the Justice League and the Secret Society of Supervillains, with a guest appearance by Karate Kid and Dawnstar of the Legion of Super-Heroes -- with the Legion villain the Time Trapper at the center of the affair. A remake of an old Super Friends episode, the premise was that Lex Luthor sent his team back in time to prevent baby Kal-El from ever being discovered by the Kents, stopping there from ever being a Superman and, by extension, a Justice League. Here, we see members of the League traveling back to try and stop the villains from putting their plan into action. The movie will be available in wide release on Tuesday both on DVD and digitally.