John Cena Teases New Superhero Role as Valiant's X-O Manowar

It was always the goal for Vin Diesel's Bloodshot to launch a live-action film franchise based on the characters from the pages of Valiant Comics. The film wasn't a big success at the box office, but that was mostly due to the coronavirus pandemic causing theaters around the world to close. That asterisk makes the future of the Valiant universe a bit of a question mark. Could another character get a shot at a solo film? It's hard to say what will happen next and when, but fans are getting excited about the prospect of beloved character X-O Manowar heading to the big screen, especially with a star like John Cena potentially hinting at his involvement.

Earlier this week, a rumor began circulating online that Cena was attached to play the role of X-O Manowar in a new Valiant film. With that notion already circulating, Cena posted a photo on Instagram that got everything taking it a little more seriously. The image depicts Aric of Dacia, also known as X-O Manowar, fighting off a small group of enemies attacking his helmet.

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As with all of his other posts on Instagram, Cena doesn't include any sort of comment with the photo, leaving everything up to fan interpretation. So there's no way to know exactly why he shared the image of Manowar. That said, there are a couple of possible theories out there.

Cena could be teasing a turn as X-O Manowar, just as people are hoping. Then again, he could just as easily be playing with everyone's emotions, simply having fun with a rumor that he saw floating around on social media. Actors do that kind of thing all the time.


There's also the chance that this post is part of the ongoing WWE storyline in which Bray Wyatt defeated Cena at Wrestlemania and continues to mess with his mind. Many of Cena's Instagram posts are connected to Wyatt, so this could be some kind of work from his opponent.

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