Joss Whedon Accuses Internet Of Overselling His Thor: The Dark World Script Contribution

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Across the Internet far and wide, the headlines have blazed that Joss Whedon saved or fixed the script for Thor: The Dark World. Many of the reports seem to be an embellishment of an SFX magazine report that Joss Whedon did indeed do some rewrites on the Thor: The Dark World script. Now, via Twitter, Joss Whedon is downplaying his contribution to Thor: The Dark World. At least, he's downplaying his contribution on the script writing side, but he does jokingly take credit for some body doubling work. Whedon wrote, "Internet blithely oversells my tinkering on @ThorMovies script -- & FAILS to mention my body doubling for Hemsworth! #these #arenotthehammer." Thor: The Dark World is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on November 8, 2013.