'Jurassic Park' Returning to Theaters to Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Director Steven Spielberg has delivered audiences multiple massive blockbusters throughout his [...]

Director Steven Spielberg has delivered audiences multiple massive blockbusters throughout his career, with Jurassic Park delivering audiences adventure, excitement, and thrills using a B-movie concept by applying his impressive directorial skills to the endeavor. To honor that film's accomplishments, Jurassic Park will be returning to theaters for select screenings this fall.

Jurassic Park will be screened at more than 500 theaters nationwide on September 16th, September 18th, and September 19th. Fans will not only get to re-live the excitement on the big screen, but will also be treated to a 17-minute recreation of the film, created by fans around the world, demonstrating the series' passionate following a quarter of a century after its debut.

As evidenced by box office numbers, the release of the original film isn't the only way to signify that the franchise is still a hit, with 2015's Jurassic World going on to earn $1.6 billion worldwide while this year's sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, sits at $1.2 billion worldwide. In more than just its name, Fallen Kingdom featured a touching, though ultimately heartbreaking, tribute to the original film.

Early on in the film, an impending volcanic eruption puts the animals on the former island upon which Jurassic World was built at risk, with a team heading to the location to save them. Sadly, not all of the animals escaped, with the rescuers witnessing a brachiosaurus perishing in a cloud of fiery ash. Fallen Kingdom director J.A. Bayona confirmed that this wasn't just any brachiosaurus, but the specific individual that audiences met in the 1993 original.

"That's the brachiosaurus that Alan Grant saw for the first time in Jurassic Park," Bayona confirmed with Empire. "I think it's a beautiful moment – it's sad but it's beautiful, and it's so relevant."

The choice to honor the original in this way wasn't entirely at the guidance of Bayona, with producer Colin Trevorrow confirming it was his idea to concoct this connection.

"For that to be the last dinosaur we see on the island, I found to be emotionally effective," the producer detailed. "But then the way that J.A. executed it – the colours, the very spiritual way that he shot it and finished it… It was actually the last shot that we finished on the whole movie, everyone had been up all night. He's so meticulous, especially with his color and his composition. He worked on that shot until he had seconds left."

Learn more about these anniversary Jurassic Park screenings at Fathom Events' website.

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