Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles Miniseries Coming From Machinima, Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett

Legendary Warner Bros./DC Entertainment animator Bruce Timm is working on a new, animated short series to be released online in cooperation with Machinima next year.

Titled Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, the series will be the first programming collaboration since Warner Bros.' investment in Machinima earlier this year.

"Ever since we announced the Warner Bros. strategic investment, we have been looking for a new and exciting way to tap into the company's unmatched content," said Chad Gutstein, Machinma's CEO. "With Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, Machinima will be the very first place fans can experience a new vision for DC Comics' beloved Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman characters. In addition, we have built a first-of-its-kind package for brands to engage with these characters to reach Machinima's elusive audience."

The digital series is based on Justice League: Gods & Monsters, an original animated film executive produced by Timm and co-produced by Alan Burnett that will be released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment later in 2015. Chronicles will focus on alternate versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. 

Machinima says that Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles explores a newly-conceived reality in the DC Universe where Justice League members Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are much darker versions of the Super Heroes that people think they know. The episodes are expected to debut on Machinima in spring 2015, weeks before the launch of the film. More details on each episode of Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles will be released in the upcoming months.

Given the content of DC Entertainment's The Multiversity, rumors of a Crisis on Infinite Earths sequel coming in the middle of 2015 and the long lead on this project, it's easy to wonder whether, like the current Ultimate Spider-Man: Web WarriorsGods and Monsters Chronicles might have ties into content going on in the comics at the time of its release

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles marks the first project from Warner Bros.' newly formed digital content production unit, headed up by Sam Register, President, Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Digital Series.

"We couldn't be happier to be announcing our first new digital series today, and we're even more excited that it's a collaboration with such accomplished storytellers as Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett, who have been responsible for some of the most innovative and creative DC Universe projects," Register said. "We can't wait for fans to have a chance to see the world they have created when Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles debuts on Machinima next year."

"We are committed to delivering DC Entertainment's extensive line-up of world-class characters and stories to audiences across all platforms and formats," added DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson. "Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles is an exciting opportunity to bring alternate versions of DC Comics' iconic Justice League characters to Machinima, and we look forward to bringing this new animated shortform series to life with our partners across Warner Bros."

More on this series soon, surely.