Justice League: New BTS Photo Confirms Lex Luthor Post-Credits Scene Added by Joss Whedon

A new behind-the-scenes photo confirms that Justice League’s post-credits scene was added by [...]

A new behind-the-scenes photo confirms that Justice League's post-credits scene was added by Joss Whedon. The look at the meeting between Lex Luthor and Slade Wilson comes from Simon Firsht on YouTube. The handling of the dialogue went down on a green screen, but the intent to leave the door open for the sequel is clear. Interestingly, the fact that this seems to be a bit of a Whedon addition might stem from the fact that the studio had stymied Zack Snyder's plans for the two-film structure in the first place. Constructing a backdoor really becomes necessary then because you would have to really redraft part two with Whedon at the helm for the whole thing. Eisenberg has mostly let the role go, but with Zack Snyder's Justice League announced for HBO Max, anything is possible now.

Collider had the chance to speak with the Batman V. Superman star. He had a lot to say about playing the sort of evil characters Luthor embodies. For Eisenberg, they're more complicated than casual fans give them credit for.

"Yeah. When I write for myself, I end up playing characters that are probably more villainous than they are sweet," Eisenberg said. "I've had four plays in New York, and I played the main character in three of them, and they were all despicable people, so I must unconsciously want to do that. I don't know why. Even with Marceau, he starts the movie in this self-absorbed way. I really do like that, for some reason. I don't know exactly why. So, certainly, when I create something for myself, I do that, and would love to do it in another movie, if given the chance, but only if it's depicted in a way that feels nuanced rather than just pure evil, or somebody jumping out of the closet."

When speaking to The Panda, he reiterated his desire to revisit the role if given the chance. This echoes the comments Eisenberg has made in numerous interviews since then.

"Oh yeah, I would very much like to because it's such a cool character," Eisenberg said then. "Playing a villain in a superhero movie is the fun part. The good guys are fine, but the villains are the fun part because they get to be a little bit more flamboyant. Of course, the hero gets to, you know, survive. But, the villain has all the funny lines. I don't know about the first part, but the second part is something that I could definitely be involved in, sure."

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