Kansas City Royals Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie Shows Off Back To The Future Sneakers

(Photo: Jeremy Guthrie - Twitter)

If you're any kind of fan or geek, apparently there's a law that today, you have to do something drastically and pointedly showing your Back to the Future fandom. Kansas City Royals Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie did so, posting a picture of himself on twitter with a quote from the franchise, and him walking up the stars in Nike's self-lacing sneakers that debuted in Back to the Future Part II.


Points to Guthrie for the quote as the punctuation mark on the image there, showing his true colors. After the whooping Kansas City put on Toronto last night, I guess they thought they could take the time to re-watch their favorite movies. With a 5-0 lead for the Blue Jays in the 6th at press time, though, maybe they should've been a little more focused on baseball!