Kevin Smith Says He's Living On Borrowed Time After Heart Attack

Filmmaker Kevin Smith shocked his fans earlier this week by posting a photo of himself in a hospital, confessing that he suffered a near-fatal heart attack but was on the mend. Knowing how deadly this health scare was, the filmmaker revealed during his first post-heart attack interview how the incident has truly made him appreciate the life that was nearly robbed from him.

"I don't want to say I feel like a dead man walking, but I do feel like I'm not supposed to be here anymore, and it doesn't make me want to leave, but it makes me appreciate how ... like, all right, let's do everything," Smith shared on The Ralph Report. "I was supposed to be dead in that room, no doubt."

The filmmaker also revealed that his father suffered a similar heart attack and lived another two months "on borrowed time," which the filmmaker also feels he has been given.

"I felt like, 'Oh, this is my time to leave the party,' and I'd done enough, dude," Smith confessed. "I only ever wanted to make Clerks; 25 years later, I did more sh-t than I ever imagined. I've gone on so many f-cking adventures, and heights and falls, plummets, up and down, everything, and I just felt like, 'Well, the rest of your life, if you live, it's just going to kinda be more of the same, and you've done this and be happy that you got to do it at all. You got to do some sh-t people f-cking dream [about] or will kill themselves to try to f-cking accomplish or get in their own lives, and it came to you all so easy. So if this is the price you have to pay for all that ease, checking out before age 50, that's — how can you argue with that? Don't be sh-tty. Pay the bill. It's time.'"

Throughout much of his career, Smith leaned into the "overweight nerd" stereotype, often being the first person to poke fun at his weight. Since then, the filmmaker has dropped over 80 pounds and leads a more healthy lifestyle. He also pointed out that in the days since the incident, he has become a vegetarian.

"It's not like I go, 'I was saved from the grave and now it's my life and now I'm gonna do what I want to do,' because that's all I've ever done," Smith shared. "Everything that happens professionally was going to happen, unless you see me do a heart attack movie, because otherwise I wouldn't have had an interest in that subject, but I don't think that's gonna happen."

Smith kept his sense of humor throughout the health scare, confirming that he'd like to give fans another Jay and Silent Bob movie so that Yoga Hosers wasn't the last film on his resume.


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