Kevin Smith Revisits Jay & Silent Bob Reboot and Praises Cast

Kevin Smith's last feature film, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, had an interesting release. The movie [...]

Kevin Smith's last feature film, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, had an interesting release. The movie was originally released as a two-night only Fathom Events screening before Smith and Jason Mewes took the film on tour with the Reboot Roadshow. The unique run ended up breaking records. In fact, the movie earned $93,520 from just one theater back in October of 2019, which is more than Avengers: Endgame ever earned in one screening. Smith watched the movie many, many times while taking it on tour but it seems enough time has passed for him to revisit the comedy once again. The director/star took to Twitter yesterday to praise Mewes and Harley Quinn Smith for their performances.

"I did not expect feelings while watching @ThatKevinSmith in Jay and Silent Reboot," @cameroncox tweeted to the director. "I just rewatched J&SB Reboot this morning and it still gives me all the feels, even after seeing it over 100 times last year. This part with @JayMewes and Harley destroys me every time. I knew both these kids since before they could work up tears in a scene, so this blew me away," Smith replied. You can check out the tweet below:

Smith will soon be returning to some of the beloved characters featured in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. The director already finished his script for Twilight of the Mallrats, which he hopes to film sometime this year. He also revealed this month that he finished the first draft of Clerks III.

"I started writing CLERKS III on December 28th and just finished the 101-page first draft last night! But the writing doesn't begin when you start tapping the keys: I've been stirring this stew in my brain pan for a while now. So when I sat down to put years of daydreaming into actual words, the typing part of the writing process was pretty brisk. Fake New Jersey (or what I've long called the View Askewniverse) has been so much more preferable to visit than the real world lately - but I've told the tale I wanted to tell, so it's time to step back, hand the script off to a trusted few, and then tinker further based on the feedback," Smith wrote on Instagram.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot saw the return of many "View Askewniverse" classics such as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jason Lee, Brian O'Halloran, Joey Lauren Adams, Rosario Dawson, Shannon Elizabeth, Justin Long, Jason Biggs, James Van Der Beek, and more. There were also some exciting Smith movie first-timers in the movie, including Chris Hemsworth, Val Kilmer, and Melissa Benoist.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.