Kevin Smith Says "Everyone" Comes Back for Twilight of the Mallrats

Kevin Smith's Mallrats turns 25 this year and a long-awaited sequel to the cult classic film is in [...]

Kevin Smith's Mallrats turns 25 this year and a long-awaited sequel to the cult classic film is in the works. The director's follow-up to the 1995 film, Twilight of the Mallrats is currently in the works and is expected to follow the original movie's cast of characters to see where they are now, a quarter century and a whole lot of life experience later. While some of the film's original cast and characters have been confirmed to appear -- Shannen Doherty will appear in the upcoming movie and Ben Affleck is also expected to appear -- it turns out that all the fan-favorites are coming back. Smith recently told that "everybody" comes back in Twilight of the Mallrats.

When asked if fans could expect to see T.S. Quint (played by Jeremy London) and Brandy Svenning (played by Claire Forlani) factor into the Mallrats sequel, Smith had a pretty direct answer in that everyone comes back -- and he's even figured out a way to include Stan Lee, who had a significant cameo in the original film.

"Absolutely," Smith said. "Everybody comes back. T.S. has a really like, poignant part to. I'm very happy with T.S.'s part two. The thing I'm most happy about... the thing I feel most clever about in regard to the movie, obviously one of us can't come back, right? Stan's gone. So, there is a Stan Lee scene, and it makes absolute perfect sense. And when you see it, it'll fucking break your heart and make you cry and while you're laughing. It is so like, I'm not saying I'm clever, but it's f*cking clever. And I get to pull it off without bringing in somebody that's not part of the family, so to speak. It's pretty damn wonderful. So, he's represented as well. He's a big figure, obviously, in Brodie's life."

Smith also explained how Twilight of the Mallrats will also find Brodie (Jason Lee) insufferable in the eyes of his daughter, Banner, because he turned out to be "right" in terms of pop culture.

"Brodie's a character that like, was awarded a second bite of the apple because he was right," Smith said. "Like, you know, one of Banner's frustrations with her father is that he's so like, 'I was right. Like the culture turned in my way comic book culture, I predicted this.' So, he's insufferable to her for that reason."

While fans wait for Twilight of the Mallrats they can check out the original Mallrats on the limited-edition two-disc Blu-ray set from Arrow Video which features a number of bonus features, including a new introduction to the TV cut of Mallrats by Smith, miniature copies of the blueprints used by Jay and Bob in the movie, and much more.