Kevin Smith Shares Amazing Before and After Picture

Six months ago, a massive heart attack prompted some major life changes for Kevin Smith. Now, he's [...]

Six months ago, a massive heart attack prompted some major life changes for Kevin Smith. Now, he's sharing a dramatic "before and after" photo revealing just how far he's come.

In a post to his Instagram account on Monday, Smith shared a side-by-side image of himself ten years ago at the Zack and Miri Make a Porno premiere and one taken that very day and if you didn't know they were the same man, you might not be able to tell. Check it out below.

"A benefit to dropping lbs. is now I get to play with the past and make lotsa before & after pics!" Smith wrote. "The left photo is from the #zackandmirimakeaporno premiere in 2008 when I weighted my most at 330 pounds. The photo on the right is from today, when I weigh 205. The guy on the left has no idea one day he'll become a @weightwatchers ambassador or look like the guy on the right. The guy on the right is only interested in staying alive longer and never going back to an operating room."

The Clerks and Supergirl director also posted a full body transformation photo last weekend, complete with a heartfelt message about how he lost the weight, crediting his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, and her vegan lifestyle with helping him change.

"And I also wanna thank my kid [Harley Quinn Smith] - the little vegan astronaut who explored this meatless/milkless galaxy ahead of me, leading by example," Smith wrote. "Since I never wanted to see the inside of a hospital ever again, I simply copied the Kid. So, this wasn't a diet: these results came from a total lifestyle change of eating solely plant-based foods (which is tough because I hate vegetables). But mostly, I wanna thank all of you as well - for the kind and encouraging words along the way. Never underestimate the power of positive feedback: you folks telling me I looked better or healthier helped me stick with it. An encouraging word can really make a difference in someone's life and your compliments kept me going! And just look where I went!"

However, despite his major weight loss and lifestyle changes, there is one element of his life that hasn't changed: his work. Ever since Smith recovered from his heart attack and subsequent surgery, he has taken on numerous exciting projects in the industries he's passionate about, including directing another episode of Supergirl for the show's fourth season as well as tackling a beloved comic book character with a new story arc for Mark Millar's Hit Girl.

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