Kevin Spacey Shares New Christmas Eve Video: "1-800 Xmas"

In what is becoming an unlikely, and definitely unwanted, Christmas tradition, disgraced actor Kevin Spacey has returned to the internet with another bizarre video. He previously posted a video last Christmas Eve which was uploaded directly to Spacey's YouTube channel, this year's video sits on the same channel and is titled "1-800 XMAS." Like his previous videos, Spacey begins it by speaking in his "Frank Underwood" voice from Netflix's House of Cards, a role that was one of his last before over multiple people came forward and accused him of sexual misconduct. This marks the third video by the actor in recent years, but takes a slightly different turn from others.

"What would Christmas Eve be without a message from me?" Spacey says at first, speaking in his Underwood voice before transitioning to his regular speaking voice. "Listen, a lot of people have reached out to me this past year and have shared their own struggles and my ability to be there for them has really only been possible because of my own difficulties. While it's been a privilege to offer support I have to say frankly its also been beyond my abilities and it's bigger than me because heartbreakingly so many have talked about things having gotten so bad for them that they've contemplated taking their own lives, and that's enough for me to want to take an entirely different approach this year."

Spacey goes on to encourage anyone that is contemplating something like this in their own lives to seek out help, adding "If you're standing in a place that you can no longer remain standing, if you're suffering, if you need help, if you feel guilt or shame, if you're struggling with your identity... I promise you there is a path."

He concludes the video by saying, "I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a great 2021, and say to all those out there who might be suffering, it gets better. It does get better. Happy holidays everyone." The video concludes with the number for the Substance Abuse Mental Health Hotline.

Despite Spacey's attempt in this video to try a Heel-Face Turn and send a message in good faith, the allegations against him cannot go forgotten. Among the many people that accused Spacey of harassment and "predatory" behavior included multiple cast and crew members from the Netflix series. An extensive write-up from Vox recounts all of the public allegations against him which includes at least twenty young men at the Old Vic Theatre in the UK (where Spacey served as artistic director for 11 years), actor Harry Dreyfuss (son of Richard), and multiple service workers from around the globe that fell victim to his behavior.