Kick-Ass 2 Joins In on SuperTicket Promotion

Kick-Ass 2 is the latest movie to make a 'SuperTicket' available online.Since it was introduced [...]


Kick-Ass 2

is the latest movie to make a "SuperTicket" available online. Since it was introduced earlier this year with World War Z, studios have found a fondness for helping to inflate the box office takes of some of their big-ticket movies by offering...well, a big ticket. For $19.99 over the cost of admission, you can get a movie ticket to Kick-Ass 2, Pacific Rim or The Smurfs 2 at the SuperTicket website right now. The perks that come with each ticket vary somewhat, but in the case of Kick-Ass 2, it's a digital copy of the film (when it becomes available, usually 2-3 weeks before the release of the DVD and Blu-ray) and a digital copy of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The irony that Scott Pilgrim is also a comic book adaptation that disappointed at the box office is probably not lost on Universal, who likely sees this as a way of inflating revenues for both films. Then again, Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright has another Universal/Rogue movie in theaters right now--this weekend's The World's End--so maybe it's just a matter of killing two birds with one stone by picking a digital comp copy that can be used for more than one movie should they decide to go the SuperTicket route for The World's End. SuperTickets aren't available for every theater or (obviously) every movie, so you've got to navigate the site a little bit to figure out whether you can use it locally--and to figure out exactly what the ticket will cost, since it's dependent on the prices at your local cinema.