Krysten Ritter Says It Would Be Awesome For Jessica Jones To Join Avengers: Infinity War

Over the weekend, Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter made her first comic con appearance at Wizard World's Portland convention. When the star took to the Oregon Convention Center's main ball room to headline a panel, fans flocked for a Q&A.

No time was wasted once the panel opened up for fan questions. The first question, which came from a young lady dressed as Captain Marvel, was, "Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe is all starting to come together in one big event, Infinity War, I was wondering what your interest is of having Jessica and the Defenders join everybody in Infinity War or would you like to stay closer to Hell's Kitchen?"

"That's an interesting question because I love Jessica and I love any opportunity to play her," Ritter started out. "Obviously, it'd be really exciting to be a part of those giant, huge movies with those great characters who are already established, so it'd be awesome."

However, Ritter also realizes the differences between her characters and the previously referenced Avengers. "I'm also really lucky because our Netflix playground is so unique and so grounded and gritty and more adult," Ritter admits. "I don't think it's quite R-rated but it's close. There's some sex scenes. So, a little bit of both! It'd be awesome if I got to pop up somewhere else. There's always the chance that could happen. I don't really know, they don't tell me anything, so I'm totally stoked about the playground on Netflix."

The actors are usually the last to know about this sort of thing, (at least, last before the general public) so it's unlikely Ritter would have heard from Marvel Studios or the Russo brothers on the Infinity War matter just yet.


Would you like to see the street-level New York City heroes appear in the Avengers: Infinity War movies?