Lady and the Tramp Star Adopted One of The Movie’s Dogs

The Lady and the Tramp remake made a bunch of fans really happy at D23 this weekend. This movie just keeps getting better as things go along, and now one of the stars of the film has a new place to call home. Yvette Nicole Brown adopted one of the doubles for Lady in the movie, and now the pup is a star with a brand-new family. This is the stuff of real-life fairy tales.

Brown said she fell in love with Harley during the filming of Lady and the Tramp. A number of the dogs featured in the movie are from animal shelters. In fact, the dog playing the Tramp is from a shelter in Arizona and the story of how he got to the big screen is something out of a Hollywood script.

Monte was found in an animal shelter in that area of Arizona and Justin Theroux will be providing the voice for the character in this remake of the 1955 animated feature. This cute dog was just like any other one in the state until a fateful meeting with Disney talent scouts last year.

Filmmakers came across Monte at the HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix. The pup was transferred from a shelter in New Mexico and destiny called in April 2018 when Monte was adopted for some sort of top-secret project. Heather Allen, president, and CEO of HALO, had no idea what these people wanted with the dog but was excited that he would be going to a good home.

“He was adopted from us in April of 2018, and we knew that the people that were meeting with him were considering him to be a Hollywood star, but we didn’t know for what, because it was top secret,” Allen told AZcentral. “We knew he had the potential to become a Hollywood dog.”

“When he arrived at the shelter he was super friendly, he greets people right away, he gives kisses, he loves attention, he knows ‘sit’ and he knows how to walk well on a leash,” she says.

To wit, Monte bears some real life similarities with Tramp. He's a mutt and the people at HALO don't exactly know what breed he is.

(Photo: Disney)

“He’s a terrier mix of some sort. He’s a shelter mutt,” Allen said, “That’s what makes this extra cool. It’s not that shelters don’t have purebred dogs, but he really represents how great shelter dogs are. They are super friendly and can be outgoing.”

Monte is staying in California these days as he prepares for his big role. A big time star, in fact the first one in the 25 years Allen has been at HALO. Some puppies in commercials but not in a big-time production like this.

Charlie Bean, director of The LEGO Ninjago Movie is helming this Lady and the Tramp remake, with a script by Andrew Bujalski. Lady and the Tramp stars Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux, as the titular Lady and Tramp (respectively). The film will also feature voice roles from Janelle Monae, Benedict Wong, Ashley Jensen, and Sam Elliot, as well as Thomas Mann, Kiersey Clemons, Arturo Castro, Ardian Martinez and Yvette Nicole Brown in the human roles.

Check out the synopsis for the film, below:


"Lady and the Tramp is set to tell the story of "an upper-middle-class American cocker spaniel named Lady (Tessa Thompson) who meets a streetsmart, downtown stray mongrel called the Tramp (Justin Theroux), and the two embark on many romantic adventures including that iconic spaghetti smooch scene."

Lady and the Tramp will start streaming on Disney+ on November 12th