SYFY Releases New Letters to Satan Claus Trailer

For some, the notion of a man sneaking into your house at night while you're asleep ignites joy [...]

For some, the notion of a man sneaking into your house at night while you're asleep ignites joy and excitement, but in the upcoming horror film Letters to Satan Claus, we get a whole new perspective of Santa Claus. Throughout December, a variety of networks unleash holiday-themed programming that is meant to warm the hearts of viewers, with SYFY instead offering a unique take on the legend of Kris Kringle. The upcoming Letters to Satan Claus has unleashed a new trailer to prepare audiences for the absurdity. Letters to Satan Claus will premiere on SYFY on Saturday, December 19th. Check out the new trailer above.

The film revolves around Holly who, after returning to her hometown of Ornaments as a big-city news reporter, faces off with the demon of her past following a simple typo made in her letter to Santa. It's a harmless mistake that summons Satan to kill her parents.

letters to satan claus poster syfy
(Photo: SYFY)

The new film looks to be embracing the tone of the network's other original films, like the Sharknado series, which blends horror with outlandish humor. While Letters to Satan Claus is assuredly one of the latest genre films to unfold during the holidays, it's far from the first.

One of the more notable films in the subgenre of "Christmas horror" is 1974's Black Christmas, about a sorority house being harassed by a mysterious caller. As the girls in the house begin to disappear and the obscene phone calls are traced, the residents learn that the calls are coming from inside the house. Interestingly, the film was directed by Bob Clark, who would go on to helm the famous comedy A Christmas Story a decade later.

Another famous Christmas-horror film is 1984's Gremlins, which similarly blended humor with horror. After being gifted the adorable and exotic "Gizmo," a small town is terrorized when it is discovered that the fuzzy creature will spawn more of his species when he gets wet, who then turn into mischievous "gremlins" when they eat after midnight.

In more recent years, Godzilla: King of the Monsters director Michael Dougherty delivered audiences Krampus in 2015, exploring the European creature who, conversely to how Santa rewards well-behaved children, would punish children who misbehaved.

Check out how Letters to Satan Claus stacks up to other holiday-horror movies when it premieres on SYFY on Saturday, December 19th.

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