Vanessa Hudgens Had a 'The Lord of the Rings'-Themed Birthday Party

It looks like Vanessa Hudgens' birthday party might have been the one to rule them all.The High [...]

It looks like Vanessa Hudgens' birthday party might have been the one to rule them all.

The High School Musical and Powerless star recently celebrated her 30th birthday in a particularly special way, with a Lord of the Rings-themed event. The party, which was held in her backyard, saw her donning a red dress similar to Arwen's, with her other guests wearing costumes as well.

According to E! Online, Hudgens began planning the event three months in advance and consulted with Pow Wow Design Studio to get it done.

"[We used] a lot of brass and a lot of vintage silk, and we have a vintage Lawrence of Arabia tent that was used in the original film that I scored at the Rose Bowl Flea Market a couple years ago and I knew I wanted to use it," owner and designer Melissa Strukel explained to E! Online.

"She was really happy, which made me really happy about it," Strukel said. "She loved it. She said it was magical and that everyone loved it."

Aside from just being an adorable party, Hudgens' LOTR-themed bash comes about at an interesting time, as a television series inspired by the books is currently in the works. The project, which will reportedly aim to air in 2021, will strike a balance between telling a new story and including established characters.

"I think you can know that we're not remaking the movies, but we're also not starting from scratch," Amazon's Jennifer Salke explained earlier this year. "So, it'll be characters you love."

"I'm kind of looking forward to it," Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit franchise director Peter Jackson told "I was a guy who didn't get to see the Lord of the Rings like everybody else because I had to make it, so I'm looking forward to seeing somebody else's take on the Tolkien world."