The Lost City Paramount+ Streaming Date Announced

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum's new hit adventure is making its way to the world of streaming sooner than fans might think. Paramount's The Lost City was a solid success at the box office earlier this year and many have been waiting to see when it would be released on Paramount+. Scream and Jackass Forever have already made their way to the streaming service and The Lost City isn't far behind.

On Monday, Paramount announced that The Lost City will be added to Paramount+ on Tuesday, May 10th. The new movie will be available to stream for free on the service in just one day's time. Tuesday will see the film added to the Paramount+ lineup in the United States and Canada, with Australia, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy will be getting the film later this year.

Bullock stars in The Lost City as Loretta Sage, a romance author that gets kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire, played by Daniel Radcliffe. Alan (Tatum), Sage's cover model, sets off on an adventure to save the author, though he has no idea what he's going.

For Radcliffe, this is one of the first times he has taken on the role of a villain. He's had quite an eccentric run since starring in eight consecutive Harry Potter movies.

"I think now at this point, I've got a reputation for being kind of weird in the things I want to do, which is lovely and weird, but gets weird, which is great," Radcliffe told in an exclusive interview. "But generally speaking, I think the way I saw it after Potter was that for every person that did only see me as as one thing, there was somebody out there who was excited by the chance to show me as something else. So, you know, there's some directors would be like, 'Oh, he's only Harry Potter,' an some directors to be like, 'Oh, I'd love to reinvent him in a way for the world.' So, you know, it goes both ways."


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