Man Of Steel: Christopher Reeve Easter Egg Rumor

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Before the Man Of Steel was released, one of the big rumors that circled the Internet was that the late Christopher Reeve would have a cameo in Man Of Steel through the wonders of CGI. The origin of the rumor seemed to be a report that a classic Superman movie actor would have a cameo in Man Of Steel. The initial report didn't specify who the actor was, so it really could have been anyone that appeared in the past Superman movies. However, when a set photo surfaced that showed what looked like Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent in the background, the rumor morphed into that Christopher Reeve would be the mystery cameo. The look-a-like Clark Kent actor was said to be a placeholder where a CGI version of Christopher Reeve could be inserted in the film. When watching Man Of Steel for the first time though, we were specifically watching for the rumored Christopher Reeve or past Superman actor cameo, and we didn't see one. However, we soon started to receive emails from readers who claimed they saw Henry Cavill's face morph into Christopher Reeve's face during Man Of Steel. When Superman is flying up into Zod's gravity beam, the effects of the gravity beam are very clearly shown on  Henry Cavill's face. One of the effects appears to be that Zod's gravity beam makes Henry Cavill look a lot more like Christopher Reeve. Quite a few viewers seem to have noticed the resemblance, because the theory that Christopher Reeve's face was purposefully CGI'd onto Henry Cavill's body has started circulating on social media. We have to admit that Henry Cavill does bear a striking resemblance to Christopher Reeve in this particular scene. Whether this was purposefully done, we have no idea. Our first inclination would be that director Zack Snyder was just trying to show the effects of the gravity beam on Superman's face, and it's just a pure coincidence that Henry Cavill wound up looking like Christopher Reeve. However, there's always the possibility that it was intentional. Even if it wasn't intentional, it's hard to imagine that it wasn't noticed by those associated with the film during production.